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How does it work?

Your membership includes access to a different :10 minute exercise routines every day, designed to challenge your body in all areas of fitness to get you TONE. There is a tracker for you to keep track of the workouts you've completed and how many times you decided to do that workout.  Take notes, if you struggle with a certain exercise, take note, you've find by reflecting back how far you've come.  TONE WEEKLY TRACKER is a vital part of your journey creating daily accountability, habits and consistency. You are also able to view the workout library section that contains all of Heather's workouts organized by levels and each target zones of the body or type of exercise. As well as daily motivation for you to get inspired everyday! You will have access (with the monthly & annual membership) to both the desktop site, private facebook group and TONE app with just one membership account (the same login information can be used).

How can I pay for my membership?

You can pay with any major Credit/Debit Card, or you can use PayPal.

When will I be billed?

When you sign up for TONE, you have three initial options to choose from.  Weekly gives you a "sample" that gets you ONE FREE DAY and a 2/week commitment.  Monthly & Annual gets you in as an official MEMBER OF THE TONE COMMUNITY- if you do not terminate your membership, your payment method will be billed for either the monthly or yearly subscription fee (depending on your selection at time of initial registration).
If you registered for the monthly subscription: you will have 30 days of membership access from the day you sign up. For example, if you sign up on the 5th of May then you will have access to all of May and the next calendar month until that same day (June 5th ).
If you registered for the yearly subscription: you will have 365 days of membership access from the day you sign up.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you may cancel at any time.   NOTE:  Monthly & Annual Memberships auto renew and refunds will not be issued on behalf of TONE in the case that a user does not terminate a membership prior to automated billing date.  

You can terminate your membership by logging into your account and simply “Cancel my membership.” If you are unable to cancel your account this way, first check to see if you registered and cannot terminate services, please email with the subject “CANCEL” and include your full name, email address used during registration, and a screenshot of your most recent payment transaction.


If you paid via PayPal, you can terminate your membership through PayPal’s account services directly. In the event that a user has registered more than one membership, we are not responsible for any charges which accrue to an account that has not been brought to the attention of (a cancellation request/account investigation of duplicate membership within one month of extra payment transaction will be recognized and refunded accordingly; any duplicate transactions prior to the most recent cancellation request will not be refunded). 

If you request to terminate your membership immediately via, then you will lose access to your membership services at this point - so we recommend sending a message within 48 hours of your next billing date so that you can continue to use your program up until this point!  There are NO refunds for the Weekly "sample" subscriptions.  

NOTE: Refunds will not be issued on behalf of TONE in the case that a user does not terminate a subscription prior to automated billing date. 

How do I access the TONE workouts?

Login at (Members area) --> Click Videos and select the Beginner Level to start.   

What is my daily scheduled workout like?

Each workout is :10 minutes long and is set up for you to do at your own pace.  The TONE METHOD is set up in a way to get your results if you follow the course of exercise exact.  You should not advance to the next level until you are able to complete each of the 6/weekly workouts 3X each in full without modification/stopping.  Once you feel strong enough to advance to the next level, you will submit your completed TRACKER(s) for the 4-weeks (before you move on to the next level.  Example:  You start at BEGINNER LEVEL.  Once you've completed all 4-weeks of the 6/days per week exercises (24 TOTAL WORKOUTS IN FULL) you would be eligible to advance to LEVEL I and do the same.  If you are not able to complete all of the workouts, DO NOT LEVEL UP.  It's for you to push yourself and we don't advance until we LEVEL UP our strength and endurance to get the results we NEED/WANT.    24 WORKOUTS COMPLETED IN FULL EARNS YOU 24 POINTS.  (how to record your points with Heather will be explained in the next section)

Workouts include a new video (Monday-Saturday). Every day on the calendar has a different focus of exercise, with the varying routines targeted to optimize results and muscle recovery from week to week. Sundays are a REST day from videos and you are encouraged to get out for a walk, jog, run for :30 minutes.   Videos are approx :10 minutes long and sometimes a BONUS WORKOUT will be included.   If you’d like to add more to your daily workout, or are avoiding certain exercises due to physical limitations, you may choose to incorporate/substitute videos from the Workout Library.  All videos, from both the current month and previous calendars, are included in the Library.

How to record my points using my TONE Tracker?

For every 24 POINTS you log using your TONE WEEKLY TRACKER (that means you've completed 4 weeks of 6/workouts IN FULL, not stopping, no modifications and you feel strong enough to advance to the next LEVEL: You will do the following in order to OFFICIALLY RECORD your points to redeem them in the future for PRIZES & REWARDS.  Remember, in order to earn each set of 24 points you MUST do ALL of the following:

1.  Complete a TONE WEEKLY TRACKER every single week (min 4 weeks) AND BE HONEST regarding your workout completion with notes as to how you did, how you felt, was it hard, easy, etc.  Every TONE WEEKLY TRACKER SHEET must have the DATE and the LEVEL noted on it.  It's best to keep a TONE TRACKER BINDER if you are serious about GETTING TONE! 

2.  Send OR Post!!  You have the option of how you wish to TURN IN your points to be officially RECORDED in THE TONE Score Board!  You will not get points if you do not follow instructions to claim them.

A.  Send a copy (either scanned or SCREEN SHOT photo) of all 4-tracker pages filled out completely to with the SUBJECT: "TONE REWARD & your complete name"  


B.  Post a copy of your FINAL last week completed TONE WEEKLY TRACKER to your public Facebook page or Instagram AND BE SURE TO tag me personally in it!  Facebook (please send friend request): Heather Newman    Instagram:  @HeatherNewmanFitness

Once you've submitted your TRACKER for submission, you will receive a "VIRTUAL BADGE" that you can print for your binder and POST IT TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA to show off your PROGRESS!!  You earn 1 extra point for posting "YOUR LEVEL UP BADGE" to your social media (facebook and/insta) if you tag me and TONE!  This will put you ahead of everyone else with 25 points for the month vs 24! 

Why can't I hear the videos?

Make sure that your device is not in silent/vibrate mode, and that physical switch along side of device is turned into an upwards position - even if you normally hear a ringtone or sound for other apps in vibrate/silent mode, you won’t be able to hear TONE videos unless that function is switched upwards with volume turned on. You can also check to see if the sound icon embedded within videos is muted, in which case, you may un-select the mute icon and turn volume up.  FROM DESKTOP, make sure your volume is on and not muted.  

Still have a question not answered here?

For all other TONE online studio inquiries and technical support, please email: (it may take up to 2 business days to receive a response).

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