Bundles make everything better. With this GOAL SETTING STEP BY STEP GUIDE + VISION BOARD FULL HANDBOOK THAT INCLUDES PERSONALIZED STEP BY STEP VIDEOS you save $$$ and get closer to your goals that much faster. Feeling healthy, strong and more confident than ever. Yep! We're all about it! Change the way you THINK, REACT, FUNCTION, LIVE, MANAGE FEAR AND FEELINGS, and begin your new healthy lifestyle. This bundles includes BOTH guides & is perfect to jump start your journey, giving you a step by step plan to do it all...yaaass!





1. VISION BOARD GUIDE: THIS IS LIKE NO OTHER you've seen. We go behind the board to dig into how to actually make it come to life. - steps on how to manifest the things you truly desire - potential blocks that may hold you back + how to work through them - daily practices to stay high vibe Learn all the things about curating this EXCITING MAJOR SPARK in getting a DAZZLED & CLEAR VISION on YOUR AMAZING & BIGGER DREAMS!! If you can dream it, I'll teach you how to ask for it and receive it! We kick off the Dream Board Workshop by getting our mind RIGHT and setting clear targets for what we're wanting to work for and ultimately achieve. You will set your specific vision thru working thru this process (system) that are achievable, yet push you out of your comfort zone to REALLY move the needle in your personal life and/or business. I will coach you through the power of dreaming really BIG, consistency and commitment so that you walk away fired up and excited to take on the next three weeks and transform your life using the same tools that I did! I'm sharing my secrets. Please contact HeatherNewmanFitness@gmail.com for any access issues.


2.  GOAL GUIDE: IT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL YA'LL!! You cannot and will not be successful until you get CLARITY to light your SPARK the RIGHT WAY and have your DREAMS & VISION allign.....then YOUR PATH WILL SHINE BRIGHT AND CLEAR! As crazy as this sounds, we must declare the end from the beginning! This is exactly what you are doing when you set goals for the next 12-18 months. Your BIGGER, WILD AND CRAZY DREAMS, THAT NUDGE ON YOUR HEART to do something more, you KNOW you've got it in you! I believe in YOU! You just aren't quite sure how to go about getting there! STOP holding yourself back. STOP repeating the same year after year only WISHING on a star when you can actually BE THAT STAR! Start here my girl! SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND!



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