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When I coach a client who wants to get started or "back into" an exercise routine...typically that comes along with the client wanting to "lose weight" - which is great because they can really compliment one another!

With that...I have a series of questions that I typically ask my client because I want to get to know them a little bit.

What I want to find out from them is actually their mindset and how they view exercise!

How you view exercise is going to be different for everyone.

Some people see exercise as "part of their life". For them it's an every day thing and it's something that they incorporate year round. Every day, all year, every year. These people see exercise as a part of life, it's not something you just do when we feel like it or when we are getting ready for something like a wedding, a vacation, event, etc.

I do have THOSE types of clients though, they look at it as exercise is something you do sometimes and sometimes you don't. I call them the "EVENT" client = "shed a few pounds" type of person so you can shed a few pounds and look good in your dress or whatever the occasion.

Once that event shows up, you're all good to go and you don't stick with your exercise routine. Usually on and off yo-yo's and rollercoasters with diets, health & fitness.

There is really no FIX TO THIS. When it comes to exercise, we've often just got to change our MINDSET on how we look at exercise. PERIOD!

Some people associate exercise with BODY. Some think that the only reason people exercise is to have a good body. Well, it would make sense if you come from that "lens" and it's all about the "outer shell" - it would make sense that you wouldn't stick with a health & wellness routine because you are not placing value on health & wellness - it's all about the BODY.

I will guarantee you, that people who exercise year round, day in and day out like I do and have done this for a good portion of their entire life - we don't see it as THE BODY. The body just compliments the hard work. Typically if our diet aligns with our exercise routine, we are going to look amazing. Makes sense if you put in the work.

While the outer body might look great - I value my health, I value my family -it's my responsibility to take care of myself so that I can show up for my family to the best capability that I can. I DON'T WANT TO BE BENT OVER AND SHUFFLING MY FEET WHEN I'M IN MY 70's!

How much is a priority is your health?

Most people will SAY it's a high priority but when I go over client's questionnaire, they are not even exercising and their diet is not ideal.

How can they tell me this is a high priority? Because if it is, it will always show up. It would show up in the questions. Just like you can tell me that you value money but you spend your money. You don't save money, you live pay check to pay check, you don't invest money - well this is blowing smoke - but you're only kidding and fooling yourself though.

So again, when you go back to shifting your mindset on how you view exercise - ---- NUMBER ONE, until you can shift the mindset that you want to be healthy 20-30 years from now, not just today - it will make sense that you will probably never stick with it.

I had someone send me a DM a few weeks ago, and in it, she said, "OH PLEASE HEATHER, isn't there more to life than just your body? Isn't there more to life than just the way your ABs look? ---she could have been sending that DM to hurt me or to offend me - who knows, I don't really care! The point is, it didn't trip me up at all. We are in TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT BOXES. It would make sense that she sees exercise the way that she does because she's associating it with BODY, with how we LOOK - with ABS. There is so much more to it than that!

Know that it is much easier to stay that path. It's easier to stay in that mindset and in that box of not getting the job done. Because if you haven't stuck with it in the past - you probably see yourself as a failure. So it's easier to NOT DO IT so you don't have to fail again. It's just another area where your mindset needs to shift......

So, if you truly want to value yourself and we are talking about "exercise" today - we know that diet compliments exercise - BUT today we are just hitting on the exercise component....

If you see exercise as only a BODY THING "the outer shell", then I wouldn't expect to stick with it for the long haul....... just being honest. I've seen it too many times. This is fact.

We call this performance orientation in coaching vs. mastery orientation.

PERFORMANCE ORIENTATION - we may get in shape or tweak things (diet and exercise) because it's for how we want to look for a temporary time (focussed on outer shell) ---don't get hung up on thinking that people who workout day in and day out are focussed on THE BODY and outer shell.... they are INVESTING for their future. A good body is only part of the reward they get for investing in their health, just like you would your money. IF you want to show up in your grand-children and maybe even great grand-children's lives - what are you doing today to do that? If you are compromising your health? You may be around - but are you really showing up?

So, it's checking your values and what you do on a daily basis will always tell you what you value.

Another thing to look at is SHORT TERM GRATIFICATION.

------- PEOPLE ARE VERY "FEELINGS BASED" - "if i feel like it, i'll do it" - "if i don't feel like it, i won't"

Those of us who show up to get the job done are not showing up based on "feelings" and this will show up in other areas of our life. If you are HIGHLY FEELINGS BASED AND YOU ARE RUNNING OFF OF EMOTIONS AND WHAT YOU ARE FEELING (emotions tap in before what we think in our head) .... if you're running off on emotions - it's not just showing up in your diet, it's not just showing up in the gym - it's probably showing up in how you react with others. It could be showing up with your finances too.

In many areas, your feelings are what's truly running the show. You're never really "thinking" about it and having a plan with strategy. This is where I utilize to BRAIN DUMP and really get clarity.

Those of us who get the job done, we don't LOVE EXERCISE ---let's be clear- most of the time we'd rather sleep in too -

Hopefully this message hit the right person today. Hopefully I can inspire and motivate you but always understand that inspiration and motivation isn't going to sustain the course!!


Please join us at and become a TONE-BABE with a plan for your future. Invest in YOU and show up with MASTERY and invest in your future self.


PERFORMANCE ORIENTATION ---we want that short term gratification because it's only about the outer shell


MASTERY ORIENTATION---looking way way down and thinking about the future

So, how do you look at exercise??

a. part of life - every day like brushing teeth routine

b. events to get in shape for

c. the outer shell BODY

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