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WHAT'S A PUSH COACH? (click here to request a push coach now)

Joining a fitness program is a REALLY BIG THING and can affect your body, mindset and feelings. While we aim to help each member in all of those aspects and offer a community forum for our members to interact with one another, we also realize the power of smaller accountability groups. Think about it, a small group led by a Push Coach is a place where a new member is more likely to ask more questions, be more vulnerable, and create more lasting relationships and friendships amongst their PUSH COACH squad. Some people will be more likely to stay committed to their (AB) accountability groups friends and push coach, rather than just on their own.

For the members who want extra support, encouragement and community benefits, Push Coaches & their Small Accountability squads were designed with YOU in mind! You’ll receive everything a normal VIP member would get (access to all our training programs, member forums, recipes, monthly meal & ebook guidance, nutrition suggestions based on your own goals, etc.) PLUS your own PUSH Coach for extra accountability! You get to choose the Coach you want to work with and join her for daily check-ins, extra community support, accountability and encouragement! Our PUSH Coaches have been with since day 1 or at least a min of 6 months ACTIVE and have been trained on how to better understand our training methods, nutrition OPTIONS & approach as well as ways to help their PUSH COACH members ensure success! They are not necessarily (but can be) certified trainers or nutritionists, so think of them as your daily accountability babe! (AB) VIP memberships WITH additional PUSH Coaching & SPECIAL accountability is FREE for now so take advantage. Once a PUSH COACH reaches 5+ members of their (AB TEAM) the PUSH COACH has the option to upgrade pricing in order to pick a certain PUSH COACH! They work hard and have invested a lot in you so the benefits would out-weigh the small upgrade fee.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIP memberships WITH additional PUSH Coaching & Accountability upgrade pricing IS FREE for a certain amount of time..... (PUSH COACHES with over 5+ clients comes with two different options. One is monthly recurring and the other is yearly recurring. Cancellation is free and can be done at anytime. We can discuss what option is best for you once your PUSH COACH is at the "charging clients" stage.

PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM TO REQUEST YOUR PERSONAL PUSH COACH inside of VIP PROGRAMS! Push Coaches will help you with accountability in any area you need it most: workouts, fitness, routines, daily habits, nutrition guides, navigation with programs, which program you should start with , etc. Your PUSH COACH IS YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY BABE (AB)

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