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What is Calories with Heather? It’s not KETO! We eat carbs. It’s not IF and it’s not containers!

💪🏼 YA’LL, i'm so tired of everyone getting so confused and overwhelmed - it’s actually embarrassing watching all the mixed information circulating in the WWWEB!


ALOT of women (most) clients that I work with ARE not eating enough calories! 😔


They are literally starving themselves and then they’re wondering why they’re so low on energy and their metabolism is shot💥


AFTER ALL THESE YEARS - i’m taking it back to SIMPLICITY and guess what - it’s working like a champ!

That’s what our bodies do when we treat it the right way. With this program … It doesn’t matter what time you eat.

It’s not a window you have to eat in aka intermittent fasting IF !!

It’s not containers .

It’s def not KETO and

never would I ever restrict you to a scary 800 calorie processed packaged food program by an MLM that can lead you into an ED


I’ll be COACHING and customizing “CALORIES with Heather” in November if you want to learn more or join me! This is not a meal plan! You get to pick the foods that fit into your lifestyle but also fit into your parameters! 

I’ll only be coaching 5 Women per session!! FIVE 🖐🏼


I will not overextend myself AS I customize your plan individually so 🖐🏼 is the max per session!

I personally customize your “calories setting” and also your “workout program.”

Calories need to be adjusted approximately every 12 weeks!

I gave you the roadmap, but you’ve got to drive the car. 

It’s a 3-4 week program customized!!!

It’s yours to keep forever! 

-you’ll get a one time customized Calorie setting* limited time this will be included

-access to me for Q&A during office hours

-workout plan and trainings with video demos

-MFP training/tracking resources

-sample recipes that are my staples

-I am customizing a “fast food choices guide” for those of you on the run you Who need options at some of the fast food drive-through‘s

-support through our private Facebook group OR OUR NEW APP 📱📲

-grocery and food prep tips guide 📃

-tips for beginners 🔖


-making alcohol fit into your calories 🥂

-how and when to adjust your calories 📊

Click the link here : ⬇️ for the WAITLIST!!!

You will receive a personal email from me once you join and we can set up your date!

We want to make sure the date you commit to works in your life. 

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