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What is Calories with Heather? It’s not KETO! We eat carbs. It’s not IF and it’s not containers!

💪🏼 YA’LL, i'm so tired of everyone getting so confused and overwhelmed - it’s actually embarrassing watching all the mixed information circulating in the WWWEB!


ALOT of women (most) clients that I work with ARE not eating enough calories! 😔


They are literally starving themselves and then they’re wondering why they’re so low on energy and their metabolism is shot💥


AFTER ALL THESE YEARS - i’m taking it back to SIMPLICITY and guess what - it’s working like a champ!

That’s what our bodies do when we treat it the right way. With this program … It doesn’t matter what time you eat.

It’s not a window you have to eat in ⏰ aka intermittent fasting IF ❌!!

It’s not containers ❌.

It’s def not KETO❌ and

never would I ever restrict you to a scary 800 calorie processed packaged food program by an MLM that can lead you into an ED ❌❌❌


I’ll be COACHING and customizing “CALORIES with Heather” in November if you want to learn more or join me! This is not a meal plan! You get to pick the foods that fit into your lifestyle but also fit into your parameters! 

I’ll only be coaching 5 Women per session!! FIVE 🖐🏼


I will not overextend myself AS I customize your plan individually so 🖐🏼 is the max per session!

I personally customize your “calories setting” and also your “workout program.”

Calories need to be adjusted approximately every 12 weeks!

I gave you the roadmap, but you’ve got to drive the car. 

It’s a 3-4 week program customized!!!

It’s yours to keep forever! 

-you’ll get a one time customized Calorie setting* limited time this will be included

-access to me for Q&A during office hours

-workout plan and trainings with video demos

-MFP training/tracking resources

-sample recipes that are my staples

-I am customizing a “fast food choices guide” for those of you on the run you Who need options at some of the fast food drive-through‘s

-support through our private Facebook group OR OUR NEW APP 📱📲

-grocery and food prep tips guide 📃

-tips for beginners 🔖


-making alcohol fit into your calories 🥂

-how and when to adjust your calories 📊

Click the link here : ⬇️ for the WAITLIST!!!

You will receive a personal email from me once you join and we can set up your date!

We want to make sure the date you commit to works in your life. 

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