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Hey everyone! We want to share the details and requirements of the NEW APRIL challenge coming up in April. We thought this would be a super fun way to host a friendly competition amongst all the women following along with my fitness VIP program right before Summer kicks off. Who wouldn’t be willing to be a little “extra” committed towards getting their summer body ready while also having the chance to win some good prizes??? So let’s dive into some Q&A’s about the APRIL Challenge!

Will the APRIL Challenge cost any money to enter?

There is no additional fee to enter the April Challenge, but you do have to be an active VIP member from April 1 – April 30. Monthly membership is $9.99 and you can join at The website has tons of information if you have questions about the program including the "what's new blog".

We are asking that all members who are signing up to participate in the challenge post this image below on any of their social media platforms – instagram (feed or story post), facebook (new feed post or story), or twitter. You may think this is just a marketing scheme for but really it’s even more accountability for YOU to stick to the challenge. Whenever I publicly tell someone I’m going to do something, I’m much more likely to stay committed and follow through! I really want everyone who does the TONE VIP Programs as well as this April challenge to feel their best in their upcoming Summer Body!

How Long Will the Challenge Run?

For the Month of April! April 1-30. You will submit your entry on March 31 or April 1 and your final photos and essay on April 30.

What type of photos and essay will I have to turn in?

You will need to take a beginning photo (of the front, side and back view) on either March 31 or April 1. In order for your submission to count, there must be a current newspaper taped on the wall behind you with the current date. If you take your picture on March 31, the newspaper must say March 31. If you take your picture on April 1, the newspaper must say April 1.

At the end of the month of April, you must take a final set of pictures (front, side and back view) (just like at the beginning of the month) also with a newspaper of the current date taped on the wall below you.

We are allowing a 2 day window to take and submit your images because we understand allowing only one day can be limiting on some people’s schedules.

Including the newspapers will help us to eliminate cheaters. Challenge content must be emailed to No pictures will be posted or shown unless you WANT them to be. Even the winner’s identity will remain hidden and anonymous unless she chooses differently.

As far as the essay goes, you need to turn in 500 words or less at the end of the month of April explaining how you feel the APRIL VIP CHALLENGE helped you reach your goals. This includes non scale victories, mental clarity, gaining emotional strength and confidence, etc

Where Can I Do the Challenge?

Anywhere you want, really! The online studio/member portal has both gym and home programs so there’s really no excuse as to why you can’t participate. The home program literally shows you how to use your home space with little to no equipment -- has beginner, standard, and modified (easier) movements for all exercises within a given workout, so no need to feel that you are “too out of shape” or not experienced enough. Participants can choose from either the BEGINNERS 101 LEVEL UP or LIFTING 101 Programs for this challenge. Specifics on "how many rounds" of each 10 minute workout will be given in our PRIVATE TONE-BABE FACEBOOK GROUP

There are full video workouts plus active recovery days each week. We encourage all challenge participants not skip any workouts during the month of April for best chances of winning! The more consistent you are – the better your results will be!

What Is The Grand Prize?

The winner will get to choose her own grand prize based on three options including:

  1. $99 Cash

  2. $150 Shopping Spree for workout merch in our ETSY STORE

  3. One Year Free Membership to the Online Studio ($400 Value!)

  4. 2 months supply of UNICORN JUICE for energy & pre-workout supplement

How Do I Officially Enter?

Make sure you’re an active VIP member from April 1 - 30 and be sure to turn in your beginning photos between March 31 - April 1 and then also turn in your final, photos and essay (as previously mentioned) on April 30 - May 1. You will email this content to

How Will the Winner be Chosen?

The winner will be chosen by Heather and team. We are not focusing on only one thing such as: most weight lost, biggest drop in percent body fat, most inches lost, or the most lean muscle mass gained. We will actually be looking for the best OVERALL winner.

The winner will combine multiple benefits of the fat loss, toned lean muscle mass gained, inches lost, confidence gained, as well as becoming mentally and physically stronger.

We will evaluate the before and after pictures as well as the final essay written.

Recording your weight and percent body fat at the beginning and end of the month can also be turned in, but it is not a requirement.

Challenge content must be emailed to No pictures will be posted or shown unless you WANT them to be. Even the winner’s identity will remain hidden and anonymous unless she chooses differently.

If you are not currently a VIP member, you can sign up now to get used to navigating your way in the Online Studio.

Remember we have more information about the program listed on the site. To be eligible for the challenge, remember you have to have an active subscription from April 1-30, turn in your beginning pictures as well as your final pictures and essay. Good luck to everyone who enters!

If you prefer to upload your BEFORE photos using our confidential platform (still have to submit AFTER PHOTOS and essay via email as stated above)

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