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We are so excited to announce the official launch of our 14-day LIFTING 101 PROGRAM that is included complimentary to all active VIP Program memberships! LIFTING 101 was our first ever "light" lifting programs released when we first opened our Online Training, and LIFTING 101 is the perfect, fun foundational program to get those ARMS you've been wanting. Remember that the BEGINNERS 101 Program comes with modified and standard movements to perform based on your level of training, skill set and experience. LIFTING 101 also comes with these options.

This program can be done both at home or at a gym.

With my personal instructional LIFTING 101 training videos,

this will be your favorite program for leaning out,

getting rid of those bat-wings and toning up those arms

especially designed with women over 50 in mind!!


We suggest being able to complete BEGINNERS 1.0 through the "level up" program (atleast the first 4 weeks of BEGINNER LEVEL) with all foundational/basic training movements first before starting this new LIFTING 101 program.

LIFTING 101 is a 2-Week (14-day) journey (that is meant to be repeated to create 4- 6 week program with increased weights to progress) through the basic use of dumbbells (start light and work your weights up as you progress) TONE, STRENGTHEN and build muscle to help fight the aging process. There are 2 rest days with this LIFTING 101 program. Use those 2 days to go for a walk and let your muscles recover from LIFTING.

As we age, it is very important to understand the loss of muscle in our bodies.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association recommends older WOMEN perform strength training exercises 2 to 3 days a week!

Adding weightlifting (doesn't have to be heavy) into your activity routine can help delay the onset of osteoporosis, help certain types of arthritis, help with posture and even strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Resistance and strength training is particularly important for women aged 50 and older, as it helps slow down bone loss and can reverse the loss of muscle mass!

This LIFTING 101 program is designed to target more muscle tissue, appropriately stimulate them to grow firmer, leaner, and stronger. Based upon the work load you choose (either lighter or heavier working reps) will help you create either leaner muscle growth or larger more defined muscle growth. Either way, no woman is going to “bulk” the way this program has been written. YOU WILL NOT BULK UP!! I promise - you will TONE UP AND LEAN OUT! and get stronger.

Get ready for to feel the burn, feel stronger, feel healthier, be introduced to new movements, new personal strength breakthroughs and new TONE/LEAN muscle definition when following through with our newest 2-week program: LIFTING 101.

REPEAT this program upping your dumb-bell size each time. Track your progress.

REPEAT each video each day 2-3-4X for maximum results. The videos are only 10 minutes meant to repeat more than one round per day. Again, it's designed for those who don't have enough hours in the day to get some LIFTING 101 in - you can do this!

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