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How did this even happen

Not sure how it happened!!!!⁣

Everything was going great for you⁣ then

That freakin little 2 lbs here… 1 lb there…⁣

Not enough to worry about..then you gain another 3 lbs in 6 -weeks…⁣

Boom!! Almost 10 lbs of weight gain in just a few months… it sneaks on..unknowingly..⁣😳

You don’t want to be one of those ‘self ish’ women who workout all the you ‘manage’ on your own… maybe try a ‘Diet’ ⁣—- one like you used to do in your 30’s…..

But gain the weight back quickly plus a couple more pounds 😫⁣

But NOW…it’s SERIOUS… you’re worried that ‘THIS IS IT’ you’ve hit or are nearing the “men-o-P state and feel doomed..⁣

Maybe it’s TOO LATE😕⁣

You’re also SCARED OF DIETING…again…because it just doesn’t work for you⁣

ALL OF MY PROGRAMS are specifically designed for these issues women struggle with.

Giving you the TOOLS to KNOW EXACTLY what to eat and how much…YES, your own crazy recipes to follow..⁣with my full grocery list. 📝

With a workout program that is EASY TO FOLLOW AND KEEPS YOU ACCOUNTABLE.⁣

My ALL new “7-Day Skinny SHRED” begins Monday…


SO YEA!! Be one of those ‘workout’ babes with me …⁣ you can get the body you want at any age!!


It might take a little time, but I’ll teach you how. .

You might even want to become one of my awesome TONE PUSH COACHES when you see your transformation and help” push “other women on their new journey with me.

Life is so much more FUN having a plan and TONE in your life.🤨⁣

See bio for sign up




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