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Updated: Apr 11, 2022

We are so excited to announce that we have been diligently working with a (RD) registered dietician out of the UK who has helped us understand the reason most women over the age of 50+ struggle with weight-loss. I found her through my studies at IIN.

This program can be found under your member portal as a course/E-book (it is not part of the regular VIP PROGRAM, although there are tons of nutrition guides available in the VIP PROGRAM Membership too)....this one is different!

It's specifically designed for WOMEN OVER 50 and can be purchased and started at any time! It is designed to be used as a guide that can be used along-side all of the TONE VIP WORKOUT PROGRAMS located inside of your private member portal.

This TONE NUTRITION 101 PROGRAM was developed with extensive education, science, and behavior changes to create a healthy, sustainable, and balanced approach to nutrition and your MID-LIFE struggles and weight- loss goals.

My goal is to help you find a way of eating that aligns with your goals and keeps your health at the forefront. Eventually, the ultimate goal is to move away from any tracking food and focus on a more sustainable approach to eating. The end goal is to create a lifestyle and results that you can sustain for the rest of your life.



Inside you'll get:


-Food combinations

-Meal Plan

With a Breakdown of:

-My NEW Nutrition Philosophy


-How much should you be eating

-In depth portion sizing

-Guidelines on Nutrition

-Meal Plans

-The perfect snacks

-FAQ's about Nutrition

We are launching the E-book/course in April of 2022, as you know, we evolve and grow over time - it's a journey - never a destination - In the future, we will have PUSH COACHES available to help you meal prep, purge your frig, purge your pantry, give feedback, hold you accountable, help you track how you're doing and so much more! With the investment into TONE NUTRITION 101, you will have automatic access to our PRIVATE FACEBOOK CLOSED GROUP for continued support on your life-changing experience too!

You''ll be sent an email with full instructions on where to start, as soon as you join TONE NUTRITION 101, CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!

So, what about the price?

This is going to be a very reasonable options (for a limited time only ) it will later become one of our more expensive options that we offer at but it will be more affordable than working one-on-one with a registered dietitian! The TONE NUTRITION 101 PROGRAM will grow into a full blown COURSE over time, but once you make the investment, it's yours forever.

Most meal plans and guides coming from the industry you can obtain by working with a registered dietician who usually comes with a 6+ month wait-list to get a good one and their programs/appointments/sessions usually start around $1000. We do recommend you meet with a RD if you have personal challenges beyond the scope of those that we address and always get approval from your regular Dr. However, TONE NUTRITION 101 is the best place to start making changes to your food choices by changing habits and your relationship with food.

This program launch price is only $49 and does NOT require an active VIP membership. Which is not expensive when we are talking about YOUR health – women spend thousands of dollars on junk food, things for their kids, fancy shoes and clothes that they wear a handful of times, but are hesitant about investing in your health. Think of it like this, your body is something you wear 24/7 – being confident in your body and nutrition is something you can wear every single dang day.

Shoot, we spend more than that on a 1/2 tank of fuel for our cars these days - in other words, you are worth it babe!! Beyond worth it! Stop overthinking your HEALTH! INVEST IN YOUR FOR A CHANGE!

Once you purchase the program, you forever have access to all the content that has and will be put together including the E-book, all future editions, educational materials, up-coming video lessons and a community of like minded WOMEN who are also on their path to a healthy lifestyle with HEALTH & WELLNESS including Fitness and Nutrition.

Whenever you purchase this course, you will have immediate access to it.

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