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Ladies, are you ready to challenge yourself to 15 days of workouts designed in the TONE ONLINE STUDIO that you can do at the gym or from home starting MONDAY?? December 5 - thru December 23rd?

I cannot wait to see what you can do - 5 mini workouts 5 days a week (you can do whatever fits in your schedule) but DECEMBER HOLIDAY CHALLENGE is the perfect challenge for only $20 in the TONE VIP MONTHLY CHALLENGES!!! Join me at

- you can cancel at any time but DECEMBER IS THE PERFECT TIME TO JOIN AND BECOME AN OFFICIAL TONE-BABE!!!! You get a new monthly workout calendar and challenge every single month, simple to follow exercises to see THE RESULTS YOU WANT - easy to fit into your already hectic schedule and a full GUIDE to help with food choices, grocery list, and COACH ACCESS thru our private community group and directly to ME for Q&A's whenever you feel STUCK! Are you up for the Holiday Challenge? GRAB A FRIEND AND DO IT TOGETHER - MAKE IT FUN - MAKE IT EXCITING TO SHOW UP FOR YOU HEALTH this month...... stop contemplating it and just do it - what have you got to lose??? You are going to love it, I promise!! IT's fills all the gaps and brings us all SO MUCH JOY!!! H

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